oasis j


Hey, hey you! Do you wanna be on the CUTTING EDGE of e-sports? I have a SNAKEY deal for you! Join the GGLSNKGM scene! Now i hear you saying, "Oy prick wtf is that letter vomit" ill tell you now asshole! Its Google Snake Game! The Uber-Accesible E-sport for all your friends!

How Do I Participate?

In order to play GGLSNKGM, one must gather one or more friend/s. Take turns customising non-cosmetic settings to have different game modes. Depending on round length, play 1-3 rounds of the game mode. Then, simply award points based on who got the highest score of the gamemode. Let N equal number of players, and let P equal N-1. Give the first player P points, the second player P-1 points, etc. etc.

Why Should I?


nah just kidding. i just think its fun and niche and it genuinely has a meta. Do i know the meta? Fuck no, im not a nerd.

Who Are You? Where Am I? I wanna go home... let me go home!

not a chance in hell you ungrateful swine

1v1 reg map size no special mode rabbit only?!