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post 6 - 26/05/24

haiii everyone. recent update to the website in that ive changed the header so that i dont have to keep editing the bar which links to the other pages. once again, I take a shortcut which wont work in the long run, but its an improvement. One day i will simply restart this website. Currently im kinda limited on what i can do on my laptop bc my personal one Lenny (i heart Lenny) is out of order/dead im afraid. tbf, i did probably need a new one anyway ^v^. anyway for now i have my school laptop which works well enough but restricts some web access, especially youtube, so i guess its time to grind out some hours at work and get a laptop. anyway, we're vibing.

post 5 - 02/02/24

Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! hows december '23 i mean january '24 been? Oasis has been good. Work experience went well, so did the holidays. I slept, a lot, but who doesnt???? School is started, and im feeling a bit nervous but ill get better (always do!)

post 4 - 20/11/23

Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hows november '23 been? I made a new page, that being the Oqyn Hub, but that was a while ago. I also made a few updates to the Oqyn site at the same time. Just wanted to check in since its been a while! Ive just finished my exams and i must say, i did /pretty/ good. i wont bore u with the details, but it wasnt too bad. now im doing work experience, so we'll see how that goes. alrght bie now

post 3 - 11/11/23

Hey all, im back. happy november! ive made quite a few updates to the site, including multiple marquee elements, which are the fun scrolly image/text thing. a few websites i learned from were like: Dont use this!!! its been DESTROYED!!! and im like... im sorry to all the people who cant enjoy my fun scrolly image thing, but im on the latest version of firefox so... really. firefox all the way in this household. i also tried using the iframe element as a sort of border, but i dont think that'll go anywhere, i dont really love that firefox prevents it going to any external sites (which i mean, fair, it is kinda dangerous). If its still up, you can check out that iframe test here. fair epilepsy warning tho, its got a marquee at speed 175.

post 2 - 29/10/23

Working on the first update to the site now! You can already tell development is going to be slow, and i cant promise a lot will be on this website in the end, but really its just a pet project. if you really want to see more of me, the best place is @joos-exists on tumblr, and my other side accounts. As for the website itself, im working on a header as we speak so i dont have to add every link to every page. also the logo on this page is broken so ill fix that too, tho it should be relatively easy. Hope all is well for all of you through time, bon voyage.

post 1 - 8/10/23

Start of the website! technically i made the oqynsite first, but i realised i wanted a personal site so here we are. My main plans for this website are a blog, an oqyn blog, and some resources for homebrew versions of different tabletop games. My first homebrew will probably be my version of starwars the one with x wings haha. Im assuming ill name them like "Starwars X-Wing: Wonderwall" or something, to fit with the oasis theme. that's all bye